I am currently finishing my fourth novel. Here are three I made earlier.

Spilt Milk, Black Coffee

‘The heroine of the year is mouthy Jackie Jackson in Helen Cross’s dark comedy.’
– Daily Telegraph

‘A very fine look at real people behind tabloid stereotypes…Jackie is a poor role model but she is fabulous to read about; a character who can barely be contained on the page.’
– The Times

‘This is magnificent portrait of adolescence and the mother-daughter realstionship is movingly portrayed…a welcome and timely take on England now, from a talented and thoughtful writer.’
– The Independent

‘A gem of a book that joyously brings to life an interracial love affair…Cross is a fine writer with a spiky edge, a wry sense of humour and a sharp instinct.’
– Metro News.

‘Spilt Milk, Black Coffee offers sly social commentary… But what sets this book apart is Cross’s idiosyncratic prose, which shifts in and out of focus, gently disorientating the reader, making the familiar unfamiliar and vice-versa.’
– The Financial Times

The Secrets She Keeps

‘There’s a timeless feel to this tale of loneliness, greed and beauty. Cross writes as beautifully as you’d expect.’
– Daily Mail.

‘A compelling stylistic immediacy and an ability to imbue the everyday world with sensuality and strangeness…’ raw energy and flashes of brilliance.’
– Sunday Telegraph

‘Teen spirit and Northern skies are memorably bottled in this offbeat meditation on postpartum secrets and lies.’
– The Independent.

‘A spell-binding meditation on celebrity and glamour’
– Red

My Summer of Love

  • Published by Bloomsbury
  • Winnner of a Betty Trask Award
  • Awarded a BAFTA for Outstanding British Film

‘Evocative, ferocious, even visceral…A hand-grendade of a novel…a novel of quite exceptional power.’
– Daily Mail

‘Energetic and blackly comic…the reader is hooked from start to finish.’
– The Times

‘Outstanding…genuinely original…with sharp black comedy Helen Cross pinpoints the symptoms of adolescence that lead to disaster’
– Vogue




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