My Summer of Love

My first novel became a BAFTA award-winning screenplay directed by Polish  director Pawel Pawlikowski. Emily Blunt and Natalie Press beautifully re-created the book’s lead characters, Tamsin and Mona.

I didn’t write the screenplay for My Summer of Love but I do write for the screen.  Here are two of my screenplays that are coming along well at the moment.


Stratford Road

Stratford Road

Two people’s lives collide on a single day. One is a thirteen-year-old Muslim girl, who has stolen a gun – the other, a grieving white father, who has lost his teenaged daughter. Over the course of their day, both David and Shahida come to realise that there may be an unsettling reason for their meeting…

Stratford Road is a drama thriller with a ghostly edge. Script development has been funded by Screen WM and the UK Film Council.


Spilt Milk Black coffee, for Rainy Day Films

Spilt Milk Black Coffee by Helen Cross

Flashy, trashy Jackie has had more lovers than cautious young Amir has had hot curries, but under the skin both are die-hard romantics. The question is will the harsh judgments of the world and their families allow them a chance to discover what a perfect match they are.

Spilt Milk Black Coffee is a romantic comedy produced by Rebekka Gilbertson (The Edge of Love, Patagonia) for Rainy Day Films and written by the book’s author, me.


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