Inspiring Women Workshop as part of F= Festival of the Body March 2016

I will be running a writing workshop called Inspiring Women in Leeds on Tuesday 29 March as part of F=  Festival of the Body.

Inspiring women are at the heart of many lives and stories. Who are the women who have inspired you in your life? Who are the inspiring female characters at the centre of your stories? In the first half of this workshop I will guide you in revealing or creating complex, memorable and inspirational women for all kinds of stories, from novels to radio plays and screenplays. In the second half of the workshop I will show ways of letting these women speak, in bold, brilliant and believable voices.

The workshop is free and all are welcome to welcome to attend.  More details and to book here.

F= is an interdisciplinary research group based at Leeds Beckett University exploring the significance of feminism in creative practices. The group is led by Jo Hassall, Dr Casey Orr, Laura Robinson and Dr Liz Stirling with associate members including cultural workers, mothers, academics, researchers, mothers.


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