Lumb Bank Arvon Course 30th July – 4 August 2018

I will be running an Arvon course with Stuart Evers at Lumb Bank in 2018 from 30 July to 4 August. Here’s what it says in the brochure.

Intensive help with the  foundations of your fiction. Aimed at those who have already made significant progress with a work of fiction, the course offers in-depth advice, assistance and critique to improve the foundations of your writing. Helping to identify and bolster your strengths, while also pinpointing areas to be worked upon, sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Intense, but always encouraging and positive, this course is designed to help you make the most of your manuscript, both in the short and long term. Participants are encouraged to submit up to 2,000 words of a work-in-progress, to by 15 June 2018.

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