National Writers’ Conference July 16 2016

I will be speaking at the National Writers’ Conference on July 16 2016 about  Writing Residencies and Fellowships. This year the event is held at the Bramhall Building at Birmingham University. You can book here.

This is  what they say about the event:

‘The event is chaired by Natasha Carlin. Panellists to include novelist Helen Cross, canal laureate Luke Kennard and Rachel Barnett all lecturers at University of Birmingham

Residencies and fellowships give writers an opportunity to develop their own interests and to work with other writers. Many – most – are paid and also provide a useful way to explore new writing areas. Novelist Helen Cross, poet Luke Kennard and Rachel Barnett -whose writing projects to date include original work, adaptations, translations, theatre in education projects, pieces for young audiences and young performers, and dramaturgy of collaborative devised work – will discuss how these opportunities are set up and run and give advice about working in this way.


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