Short stories

I’ve written stories for various anthologies and magazines and my journalism has appeared in The Independent, The New Statesman, The Times of India, Time Out and The Guardian.


Recent Stories  

thumb.phpDAYS OF THE DEAD is a dark story about a weekend to Whitby that goes horribly wrong for a group of middle-aged, middle-class, sexually-frustrated old friends. 

It is published in the February 2017 edition of The Manchester Review and you can read it here.





DESIRE is an anthology of ‘100 of Literature’s Sexiest Stories’, as chosen by the book’s editor, Mariella Frostrup.  My story, PULL, is  about the very mucky goings-on at a coastal village fete. You can buy a copy here.







AN OPEN LETTER TO BEES is a futuristic tale in which the female alpha-eaters of the kingdom appeal to the bees to return, queen to queen. It is available on BBC Iplayer until 10 November 2016 here. Or you can listen here, after that.





WHO WANTS TORTOISE?, is the story of a crisis of confidence that sends a highly successful, middle aged career woman home to her parents in Hull . It  was published in the July 2014 edition of The Manchester Review.  You can read the full story here.


EGGS, is set in the 1980s and is the story of what happens when a group of London students are mysteriously pelted with eggs in the street,  by an unknown and unseen assailant.  It  was published by Nine Arches Press in  their literary magazine, Under the Radar






FUR,  my first werewolf story, is the story of how a dissatisfied woman’s life changes in very unexpected and hairy ways. It was published in June 2012 in an  anthology of female werewolf fiction , Wolf Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny, by Hic-Dragones, as both a paperback and a kindle ebook.

You can read my article about menopausal monsters, written as part of the Wolf-Girls Blog Tour,  at  Playing God with Monsters.



BACK TO WORK, is the story of a strange meeting between a modern day single mother and not so modern maid, who might be suffragette. It was written as a commission for the wonderful Women for Women Readers’ Group in Hereford and published in an anthology in November 2012 by West Midlands Readers Network


THAT’S HER, THERE! is a dark story exploring a new mother’s fears about her daughter’s nursery. You can read it here.  It was first published on the  new fiction website,




SEVEN SWANS A SWIMMING, is a story about monogamy and all the trouble it brings. It appears in 12 Days, an anthology of stories celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, edited by Shelley Silas and published by Virago.




THE UNIFORM, is a story about the darker side of the school uniform. It appears in Her Majesty, an anthology of 21 stories by women, edited by Jackie Gay and Emma Hargrave and published by the wonderful Tindal Street Press.




imagesTEN-YEARS-OLD is an ancient story with a distinctly modern twist set in a flooded marshlands of Much Wenlock. It was a BBC Radio 4 and West Midlands Readers Network commission,  and was written after consultation with the readers group at the wonderful Wenlock Books. It was broadcast on BBC Radio in March 2008.

You can read a blog post written by the bookshop about the writing process here.





  1. Ailsa Tween

    I also thought an open letter to bees was a wonderful, thought provoking piece of writing and beg you to release it somewhere. It needs to reach a larger audience as this issue needs to be kept to the forefront of people’s psyche.

    • HelenCross

      Hi Ailsa

      Thanks for your lovely message. I’m delighted you liked Bees. I will have a think and see if there is anywhere else it could go….

      Best wishes

    • HelenCross

      Dear Stuart
      Many thanks for taking the time to pass on your thoughts. I so glad you enjoyed the story. Like the bee, the story’s future is unknown – it isn’t in print now, but perhaps it will be published somewhere….

      Best wishes

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