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I am the author of novels, stories, radio plays and screenplays. My first novel, My Summer of Love, won a Betty Trask Award and became a BAFTA award winning feature film.  Mighty Atom Entertainment are currently working on a film adaptation of my latest novel, Spilt Milk Black Coffee, and I am  completing a fourth novel.

I was educated at Goldsmiths College, University of London and am a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, where I currently work, teaching on the new MFA in Creative Writing.





  1. lesley ward

    Rowina- am curious how it came about. i envisage that somehow you knew the family- what an uplifting family eh? meaningful to me because i too have a daughter that doesn’t speak/ small head /small brain and is now in a home aged 42 but still like my ‘child’ . it made me think what her true voice would be like. alas, after 35 years husband and i separated and i think my habitat for her became too sad for a short while. but well done.

    • HelenCross

      Hi Lesley, thanks for your message. I’m pleased you enjoyed the play. Yes, I know the family as my daughter was at school with their son, Rowena’s twin, Alex. I thought they were such an inspiring and unusual family, and Rowena such a natural dramatic character, that I wanted to bring them, and their story, to a wider audience. Rowena really is an absolute charmer. It was very good of them to allow me to share their family life, and Rowena’s story. I was interested to hear about your daughter too. It must have been very challenging for you bringing her up. Though Rowena’s parents are incredible creative people, I know things are hard for them as well. if we’d had longer in the play I’d have liked to explore a bit more the challenges for disabled people and their carers – we had a section we wanted to add about the saga of the hoist in the Bullring toilets, but we didn’t have space fpr it (and they promised they now had a hoist after years of waiting!). I’m sorry to hear your marriage didn’t survive. I hope things are good for you now, and that your daughter is doing well in her home. Thanks again for getting in touch.

  2. Martin Hearne

    I heard your programme ‘Tolkien in Love’ and should dearly love to buy from you a copy of the recording or transcript. I was, like Tolkien, briefly a pupil at St Philip’s Grammar, Edgbaston. I spent my first years in Moseley, where my mother lived until her death in 2006. I did not follow JRRT to Oxford, but to Cambridge, where I read English. I am now in my 40th year of teaching and one term away from retiring. Please will you contact me? Over the years I have read passages of Tolkien to many classes of pupils, always to their warm appreciation.

    Warmest regards

    Martin Hearne

  3. Rhoda Thompson

    Hi Helen, I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring talk you gave at the BCU anthology launch in Birmingham at the end of last month. As a new writer it’s so refreshing to hear such positivity and passion from a successful author. I really enjoyed the short story you read and was so impressed that you stayed to present the student awards. It meant a lot to me personally – thanks so much.

    • HelenCross

      Thanks for your message, Rhoda. I’m really enjoyed myself at BCU and was very impressed by the anthology and the high standard of presentation, in both the book and the readings, of the work. Best of luck with your writing, I’ll look out for your name.

  4. David Dale

    My friend Dorothy from York writers suggested that I contacted you regarding my current writings..You are very versitile and accomplished..you have my admiration..david dale Author.

    • HelenCross

      Thanks David, and good to hear from you. I hope your writing is going well – not giving up is the always the best advice any writer can offer!

  5. Sue Reid

    Dear Helen,
    Thank you so much for your session at Newman on Friday. There was lots of positive feedback from the students and Angela and I enjoyed the session too. We were especially pleased that your session supported all the messages we have been giving to students this year.
    We are keen to keep up links and will be in touch soon.
    Kind Regards

    • HelenCross

      Many thanks, Sue. It was a real pleasure to meet your students. I thought they were a really smart and sparky bunch and I’m sure they’ll all be wonderful inspiring teachers. I’m pleased my messages about creative writing in schools chimed with your teachings – there’s so much that can be done! Yes, let’s work together again soon.

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