Audio drama writing course April 2022

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I will be running another audio drama writing course in April 2022 for Writing West Midlands. It will be held in the online classroom and will write a complete audio drama over five sessions. These live, interactive online classes will introduce you to the industry, and allow you to learn the skills necessary to write drama for BBC radio and podcasts.

This small and friendly group of up to 14 students will look at the new opportunities in this growing industry and explore how to structure audio drama, how to sustain tension in plot, how to build dramatic audio characters and how to write convincing dialogue.

We will consider the state of the market now, and what commissioners are looking for from writers.

Each week members of the group will share their work in progress, and by the end of the five weeks you will have a complete 45 drama, and a plan for what to do with it next.

Prior to the class you will be sent a listening list of audio dramas to inspire and educate you about the form

I have run this course several times before and the feedback has been great:

This course was excellent and suitable for anybody, regardless of whether they are just starting to write or are transferring their skills into writing plays for radio. Helen cross was knowledgeable, supportive, but also capable of clearly pointing out what wasn’t working and why. She covered all aspects including pitching your work, searching for opportunities, understanding stages and processes of getting a play considered. She provided useful examples, a list of interesting and varied plays. Examples of formats and hard copies of how to approach your work in different ways. I cannot speak highly enough about this course and would recommend it to anybody.’ – participant on the 2020 Write A Radio Drama in Five Weeks course.

‘Excellent tutor with a wealth of practical experience.  Helen enabled everyone to contribute.’ – participant on the 2020 Write A Radio Drama in Five Weeks course.

An excellent tutor, Helen Cross, who really knew her subject and was able to pass on her enthusiasm.’ – participant on the 2020 Write A Radio Drama in Five Weeks course.

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