I am currently finishing my fourth novel.
Here are three novels I made earlier.

Spilt Milk, Black Coffee

‘A very fine look at real people behind tabloid stereotypes…Jackie is a poor role model but she is fabulous to read about; a character who can barely be contained on the page.’
– The Times

‘This is magnificent portrait of adolescence and the mother-daughter realstionship is movingly portrayed…a welcome and timely take on England now, from a talented and thoughtful writer.’
– The Independent

The Secrets She Keeps

‘There’s a timeless feel to this tale of loneliness, greed and beauty. Cross writes as beautifully as you’d expect.’
– Daily Mail.

‘A compelling stylistic immediacy and an ability to imbue the everyday world with sensuality and strangeness…’ raw energy and flashes of brilliance.’
– Sunday Telegraph

My Summer of Love

‘Evocative, ferocious, even visceral…A hand-grendade of a novel…a novel of quite exceptional power.’
– Daily Mail

‘Energetic and blackly comic…the reader is hooked from start to finish.’
– The Times

‘Outstanding…genuinely original…with sharp black comedy Helen Cross pinpoints the symptoms of adolescence that lead to disaster’
– Vogue

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